When we hear about women's education we often get confused. Why is it important, why is there the need to educate the women of our society? What is the importance of women's education? What will be the profit by educating our women?

People often confuse education with knowledge. Education is basically and simply defined as learning, studying, and receiving systematic knowledge by enhancing skills, morals, values, etc. Education is a fundamental human right and education is necessary for all. When we do not educate the women of our society we pull our country towards poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, social stigmas, and many social issues that surround us. 


Female education was always and will be always a sensitive topic for all. Inequalities and issues in women’s education for every girl are complex causing disparities, prohibitions, and violence against women throughout the world. Everywhere women’s education is critical for a country’s economy as well as overall development. A well-educated woman is a necessity of society; it provides the skills, knowledge, and self-assurance necessary to be a better person, a better citizen, and a better human. A woman is not just only built for being a mom or a caretaker. A well-educated and knowledgeable woman is a threat to all as she will know her importance and her worth. A woman will also be a more productive, more effective, and well-paid worker at work. Indeed, the return on investment and well empowerment in education or any skill is often higher for women in every single field.

Let us have a look at why is it important for us to educate our women:


Fundamental Right

Education is a fundamental right for everyone. Every single person is entitled to have basic and necessary education for their benefit. When a basic right such as having a proper education is considered in society it involves every human including men, women, transgenders, etc. Women should not be excluded from exercising their human rights. Having illiterate women in the 21st century is a great loss and a shame to us as a cultured and diverse society. Education is not a privilege it is a right that is important and necessary for all whether the person is rich or poor. The government has so many schemes to provide education to our women and help them be better and more responsible human beings.


Reduces Violence

Domestic violence is one of the major societal issues that the world faces. Violence against women in any form is a crime whether it is emotional violence, mental harassment, physical harassment, or domestic violence. When we educate the women to be independent and not be dependent on any other person we evolve them to be better humans and be better people for themselves to not face such violence in silence. Often women silence themselves and face domestic or any kind of violence in silence due to the lack of knowledge and lack of financial stability. Education helps a person to stand on their feet and be an independent person which helps in boosting the development of women in our society as a whole. Education reduces violence as it makes women aware of their rights.


Increase in Literacy Rate

When we look at our illiteracy rate we often find a high number of women who are illiterate and do not even take steps in the direction of having education for themselves. Nearly 63% of the world's 163 million youngsters are women which are showing in itself the need for education. There are many benefits when a person gets educated like self-awareness, which helps in reducing patriarchy, reduces violence, knowing basic fundamental rights, etc. Moreover, by providing education to all, the boost in the country’s development will be higher than ever. Imagine a country where only 50% of the people are literate and are working and then Imagine another country where 100% of the people are literate and are working. The development and growth will be very different and varied.


Women Empowerment

Education is a necessity and when we provide education to our women we help them make their own decisions, help them in their personal development and help in the social development of society. There is no tool or no shortcut for the development of women without educating and empowering them. The condition of women in our society is getting better but the need to work more and help the women in rural as well as urban areas helps them to not suffer and speak for themselves. A progressive nation helps women to get empowered and empowers them to make their own decisions. Women in our society do not need anybody but themselves with a pen, a book, and proper education. As it is said, give women a chance and they will change the world into a better place.


Poverty Reduction

Women's education and empowerment is not only a gender cause but also a social cause that helps the country to overpower the issues like poverty and human trafficking. When our women have equal fundamental rights, basic education, and access to all the knowledge available for them to grasp, they help their children, their home, and their gender and encourage them to develop. Women help society by earning and bringing the income home and feeding the people who are dependent on them. Women empowerment reduces poverty, hunger, human trafficking, and what not?


Reduces Infant Mortality

Infant mortality is the death of children younger than the age of 1. The surveys and research shows that uneducated women or women who do not know about themselves and their rights suffer from early child deaths. The country has to take several measures and the right steps in the direction to reduce the infant mortality rate. Women need to be educated and then the decision needs to be on women who are willing or not.


Increases Role in Politics

Since past women are not considered potential voters or even considered as role models to be a politician. There are very few women in our society who have surpassed all the differences which society throws at them and work towards their goals. Women are often considered and represented less as leaders or as voters or worse even as political representatives. To bridge the gap and to reduce the gap between society and women we collectively have to work hard towards education, empowerment, providing aid and help to those in need. Education and training help in boosting confidence and building leadership to lead people to a better world.



Feminism is just basic equal rights to all. People often get offended and thrash people who say they are feminists. Feminism is simply an outlet for turning gender equality concerns into cultural changes and support to all. Feminism gives a way to women to empower women and treat them all equally on every basis whether it is financially as well. When both men and women are given an equal platform to flourish and grow together the society grows. The deep-rooted cultural stigmas will not be removed overnight neither it can be nor it will be. The only thing to develop and grow in the time of need is to work and remove all the hindrances that come in your way.


Prospered Community

Gender equality is a fundamental and a human right. Without gender equality, a community can not be proper, where the women and men are treated unequally the growth can not be seen. Discrimination, inequality, Gender biases, and patriarchy begin at a root level, and to remove that deep cleaning is needed. A place where the woman is a goddess but the necessities of women is considered bad is full of irony. The superior complex and seed of business start from an early age when a boy is sent to school but the girl is asked to sit at home and do the chores. Through education the gender gap reduces and equality among all is boosted.


Economic growth

Women’s education is not only beneficial for their gender but also a huge factor for the country’s growth and development. It is all interlinked in the end when we see that women's education leads to reducing poverty, employment, and nourishment of ideas, growth in every sector, reduction in illiteracy, self-development, less dependency, etc. The growth that an educated and well employed brings with herself is far more than any other person. Innovative ideas, economic growth, financial freedom, improving mental health, child survival, and a great income potential help the country to boost and head in the right direction.


Many factors are important and why women’s education is important. The steps need to be taken for the benefit of the women in our society. Every single woman must stand and fight for themselves, their rights, their values, etc.


"We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women's voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored."

Sheryl Sandberg


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