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Competitive exams a Boon or Bane? No one knows the answer.

In India on an average basis around 20-30Lakh students appear for competitive exams every single year. But for the one who clears the exam or goes for the next step, the percentage is very low. There are specific reasons for that as well. Because of the exam stress some students take massive steps as well, some face anxiety, stress, low self-esteem issues, and whatnot. People assume and believe the success of the students on the basis of their marks or which competitive exams they clear. The societal pressure, peer pressure, family dilemma ruins the mental health of the child. A student starts facing any exam from the first standard and the cycle does not stop. A certain amount of pressure or stress has been proven beneficial for a student but the pressure a student takes is not helpful for the growth of a child.

JEE, NEET, GATE, UPSC, SSC, JAT, NDA, RRB, etc. the list of competitive exams goes on and on and it will never stop. If the student takes the pressure and does not know how to control it, the loss will always be insufferable. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that in the last 5 years 39,775 students killed themselves. The upsurge in suicide rates or suicide attempt rates has skyrocketed. Many numbers are unreported and people do not know about that. The urgent need of a student to prove themselves in front of society is wrong. Let us take a look at what causes a student to take such drastic steps.

Internal Pressure

Everyone has a different mindset. The amount of stress taken by a student or provided to him is different. A student himself/herself also takes a certain amount of pressure and stress by overthinking and procrastinating. Every student wants to be the best and achieve the seat in his/her desired institute or campus. A student spends too much time thinking and procrastinating and putting themselves into the situation again and again. Due to this, they go through the outcome of the result twice or thrice.

External Pressure

The pressure that is put on a student by the family and the people around him/her cannot be explained. Many students face pressure from the expectations of their family members and their teachers. Each and every student wants to do their best work and achieve the dream so that they do not let anyone and themselves down with their performance. This pressure to do well, the pressure to be the best, the pressure to crack the exam heightens exam stress. Students also aim for different things as well like scholarships and ranks which improve their anxiety levels. The pressure to perform well and be the best is more than the exam itself.


To cover the whole syllabus is difficult, no one knows what the exams questions are or which portion will they cover the most. When students have not prepared properly or the preparation by them is lacking the stress levels and anxiety swoons them like anything. It is important for a student to start preparing from the beginning last-minute studying only increases anxiety and stress. The expectations of parents from their children and therefore pressuring them to perform well in exams are not unseen. Keeping high expectations and pressuring students and children during exams causes anxiety, stress and some students also forget what they studied.

Due to these things students suffer and do not express themselves. The students do not know how to manage stress and how to work towards their goals or competitive exams. Here are some tips on how to deal with stress and how to work for competitive exams.

Working out

Working out and exercising helps the student to reduce the stress level and calms the anxiety. The exams cause the students to have some anxiety and to manage that stress one needs to be physically active. To brighten up one's own persona, a student needs to work both mentally and physically. The pressure of academics needs to be balanced for students' own advantage and they need to go out for a walk, or head to the gym or some games. Working out keeps a student healthy both mentally and physically.


Focus on yourself

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

People do not understand that over-stressing themselves more and putting unnecessary pressure is not helpful. While it is helpful when a student discusses the topics and chapters with fellow students and peers to revise together. But they should not compare other peoples’ revisions to their own. Focusing on your own work and progress helps a child much better and helps in understanding a concept much easier. If a student focuses on his or her own works it gets better and the understanding of the topics only increases.


Seek Therapy

If the anxiety and stress gets to a point in a student’s life where it is overwhelming and starts affecting their day-to-day life activities and commotions, a student should seek professional help. It is considered taboo in Indian society but it will be only helpful when young people start talking about the importance of mental health openly. The lack of importance on mental health and stigmatization of the healthy brain is worrisome. A student should talk to someone who is professional or a family member who is not judgemental.


Time Table

The basics of preparing for a competitive exam is to start by preparing a timetable and rigorously following it. When a student has clarified what he/she is planning to study and what will be helpful in studies the time gets saved. Time table helps a child to differentiate between short-term goals and long-term goals. Planning ahead and making clear steps by visualizing helps the child to keep him or herself motivated throughout the period of time and work towards the goal he or she dreamt of. Time tables help the child to use the divide and rule method in which he or she can divide the topics methodologically and learn and understand them accordingly.


Some students do not even know how to start preparing for their competitive exams. Students seem lost and distracted due to the fact that they do not even know where to start. The importance of syllabus and timetable comes here. Instead of simply ratifying and memorizing the details and not understanding a concept does not help a student in any way. Understanding a concept or topic from the start is important for a student to know how the concept grows or works. Once the concept is clear it helps the students to remember other related topics and a better understanding of the subject.

Studying effectively

If a student just goes over the text and does not read it thoroughly without understanding it, then it is just a waste of time. The clarity of a concept is important in any competitive exam. Studying for long long hours is not useful. Studying effectively and efficiently is the goal, if a student studies for a long hour but does not work on understanding and clarifying the concept it is all in vain. The student needs to make sure he or she is understanding and learning when studying.


Evaluating and giving mock tests is a must for any competitive exam. Evaluating oneself from time to time is a crucial and most important aspect of competitive exams. When a student gives a mock test or has evaluated himself earlier he or she knows where they are lacking and where they need to work more. Evaluation helps the child to understand the pros and cons of his or her own preparations so that they can do better. Practicing previous year sample papers and mock papers is really helpful and helps the child to understand the pattern of the paper. Mock tests give students an idea about the exam pattern and force them to focus and practice within the given time frame so that they can also manage their time effectively and efficiently. Solving and evaluating sample test papers, mock tests also improve the student's speed and time management skills. While one of the major aspects of evaluation is also motivation from students from their teachers, their seniors, their family members, and whatnot. Motivation helps to inspire the student to attain goals and achieve their desired aims.

Understanding the exam

The first step for any desiring or aspiring student is to understand the competitive exam and its own competition for which the student is applying. Each and every competitive exam is different from the others. The concept, the workings, the patterns, everything is different. It is very important to read the guidelines and process the guidelines carefully before applying for any competitive exam. The student needs to know everything about the competitive exam and the most important element in preparation for the competitive exam is concentration. If the student concentrates and focuses on the learning process with proper planning and routine then solving the paper, cracking the exam becomes very easy. It is important for a student to cultivate the habit of concentration, focus, and fewer distractions during the preparation as any little distraction or disruption can bring negative results in the competitive exams. Concentration helps the student in remembering things, concepts, understanding the topics much faster, easier, and retaining the information for long periods of time without much issue. Sometimes the student does not realize how much time and effort they are putting and how much time and effort is required for the topic that is difficult to understand and analyze for the learning process. In many cases, the students are not able to identify their weaknesses and strengths in the topics they are working on, they should ask their tutors or work more on the topic. Preparing the notes is another important aspect for all the syllabus because re-reading the whole syllabus can be time-consuming. But taking down notes and writing them while learning and reading help the students in remembering information and clutters the information to understand easily. When the students are preparing notes they need to make sure and remember the fact that the information they depict or write in the form of notes is not wrong and in a proper manner. The students need to connect the information and learn effectively so that they can practice and retain the information for a longer period.

 Online resources

Students sometimes find it difficult to find all the resources and work effectively. Sometimes all the resources and books cannot be available at that time online resources come for the help of the students. Students find it difficult sometimes to access and avail the information from the textbooks due to unavailability and lack of information. In many cases, the students refer to online information from tuition notes, authentic educational websites, blogs, articles, e-books, research papers, etc. Teachers or mentors also help in finding the correct sources for accessing the necessary information. When the students have the necessary information from relevant sources they spend way less time searching for information and focus more on their preparation for the competitive exams. The student needs to be less confused about the time and peek of the exam. The fewer resources the better. Quality and good information are required when the student is studying for any competitive exam.

These are some of the tips and tricks for competitive exams. The need for the student to achieve is higher and the will of any student should not be crushed.

 “Education is one thing no one can take away from you.” —Elin Nordegren




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