How to create effective lesson plans for students? How to make sessions more interesting for students? How to create and make lessons fun for students to learn? How can a tutor enhance students' learning skills? So many questions but no apt answers. Effective and enhanced learning is what is required these days for the development of children. Effective learning does not only focus on the children’s learning power but also on the growth of children’s personal development. Copying techniques or parroting the information is not useful these days. Due to the increase in technologies and increase in the types of learning and knowledge, it helps the child to grow. Effective learning and effective lesson plans help the students to improve their interpersonal skills, languages, knowledge, emotional intelligence, etc.

Making sessions interactive and fun is very important these days for online tutors. Lack of concentration, distractions, and social media distracts the child in one minute and all hard work goes in vain. The importance of focus and concentration can be seen nowadays. To improve the learning and adapting ability of students many tutors are planning and adapting effective lesson plans for the overall growth of the children. An effective lesson plan or efficient planners helps the student to think and allows them to learn, enhance, interact and ask questions. Effective lessons tap the students to boost their background and basic knowledge and build new skills for a better future. This write-up offers practical and useful tips for planning effective and engaging lesson plans that will help every student retain, adapt, and understand more of what they learn.

Effective lesson plans are content and knowledge-driven, it involves modern techniques and methods, it breaks down things in a simpler way so that the students learn easily. Education and knowledge is a basic understanding of a concept or awareness of the facts, concept, experience etc. Today’s education system is not that good for the upliftment of children's education. It does not work on the development of the growth of a child's personality, overall knowledge and lacks in many aspects. Effective lesson plans help the tutor to make each of these things easier.

Here are some things to keep in mind to make effective lesson plans for the students.


The main motto or purpose of making effective lesson plans for students by their tutors was to prepare the child for a better and brighter future. The students do not know what their field of expertise or what their prominent area of study would be. The lesson plans should be built in a way that covers every area of the student’s life. Effective lesson plans should cover the learning aspect as well as the co-curricular and skills aspect of the children's life. The lesson helps the children to work and perform in a certain manner due to which they maintain discipline and decorum. The lesson plans help the tutor to have the planned layout on which they can perform. Tutors take out the time and make a plan beforehand so that it can help the student to prepare them for the exams and the classes they have. Making a schedule or planning beforehand or even having the schedules helps the tutor as well as a student to balance their time more effectively and work more effectively rather than being lethargic.


When the lesson plans are made they are not discussed often with the students. Due to which many students are not comfortable or cannot follow the plan due to other priorities. Openly discussing and talking about lesson plans and effective strategies for the benefit of the students should be implemented. When the questions or new suggestions are given or provided by students they are not taken in a positive way. There should always be a safe space where the student can always speak what is going on in their mind and what they want from the tutors and vice versa. When the tutors and students both know the expectations and limitations of each other it gets easier for both of them to work together more effectively and efficiently. Acquiring education or knowledge involves cognitive processes for students, better communication, positive and open perception, and irresistible logic. It is also known that it is in nature or it is the human capacity to recognize, adapt, understand and accept the truth. Education and knowledge both can be used for positive as well as negative purposes; it is the duty of a tutor or a mentor to recognize and help the student to think rationally. The classroom should always be an open space for the students where they can put their ideas, mindsets, thinking openly without the fear of judgment or without any backlash.


Active and efficient learning helps the students and children of any age from K to 12 to maintain their focus on the task in hand or provided or the activity they are doing for much longer necessary periods of time. Students should not sit back and listen to the teacher speak and just always absorb the concepts that are provided to them, rather than that the children should actively involve themselves in activities, whether the activities are painting, writing, performing, crafting, or speaking. The possibilities are in-numerous and vast when it comes to active, efficient, and effective learning. Effective and active learning teaches them to be persistent and face the challenges headstrong, and try different approaches until one they figure out the things on their own. It helps the students and allows them to feel proud of their efforts and the achievements they have made so far, because of that they take pride in the process of learning and understanding, rather than just waiting and aiming for the final outcome. These things help the students and allows them to think out of the box rather than just focusing on the thing in a particular way they allow themselves to agree upon the idea of different various priorities.


The lesson plans and sessions are conducted but the reflection of those sessions or those plans are barely seen or considered. It is important for both the tutor as well as the tutee to reflect on the lesson that they have learned. After any lesson or after the sessions of a whole concept, there should always be a time when the tutor and tutee come together to summarize and learn what worked for them and what didn't. By listening a sense of understanding comes in a child of a concept, students and tutors both know when they have met their goals and determine what issues they need to work on and on what topics they need to let go. When the students and tutors work on the sessions they have taken together they get a basic idea and know-how they need to work together which will help them grow unconditionally.


It is important for tutors to make relevant lesson plans rather than just scribbling down the plans which are of no use. Tutors need to make sure that the students know why the lessons are relevant and important; they need to figure out why the sessions are being taken or what is the motto behind the session. Problems or issues and hindrances faced in life by students or tutors or anyone can be solved with the willpower, mental strength and knowledge. There is no doubt that knowledge sharpens the skills of the individuals. A strong base and proper understanding of the concept or knowledge helps the brain to function more efficiently, smoothly and effectively. Students become smarter and efficient learners with the knowledge and solve problems more easily and effectively. While implying the sessions and lesson plans the tutors need to ensure the children have uninterrupted time to play, have fun and explore throughout the day or the time that has been provided to them. Adult supervision is also relevant and important, but children should always be able to explore their own ideas and have their fun and explore the resources as it is crucial for them.


While planning the lessons and taking the sessions the tutors need to make sure that they are involving the things that make children happy. When the children learn with a free mind and happily they learn quickly and it gets easy for them to remember things. The topics and concepts get easier to remember when they relate the ideas and remember what they did in the classes and session. The tutors can relatively see the change in the students when they are having fun and learning. Effective lesson plans and activities help the tutors work more effectively but fun activities and assignments help the students to learn more easily and help them to remember it.


As everyone knows that an online tutoring platform or online tuitions are very different from what the children and students are used to. So in order to make children learn more, interact more, and engage more, the tutors are required to make their sessions interactive in which they can interact with the tutors and ask what they want from the tutors. Interesting and interactive lesson plans help the tutors to grow and ask more questions without hesitations. A successful virtual tutor makes the topics interesting and easy to begin with so that the student is able to learn and understand it easily. By making session’s interactive and fun, students engage better with the tutor. Students love interactive sessions with engaging activities. The sessions help the child to focus and interact more. But the tutors must not get frustrated or angry when the students are not responding well, he or she must change the way of teaching by which the two-way process gets easier.


When the lesson plans are made it should be kept in mind that the lesson plans are made for the benefit of the child, not anyone else. Knowledge can last for a lifetime. Knowledge impacts the growth of the children which influences each and everything in their life. The personal development of the students also depends on what knowledge they are getting from the tutors and what things they receive in the name of knowledge. Knowledge is important for the personal, professional, and life growth of children. A student can gain knowledge from anything or everything that they find interesting and fun like any games, social media, dance form, art, architecture, history, or books. These things depict the growth of a person’s personal development. It makes the students wise enough to independently and strongly make decisions and take a stand for themselves in life. It is important for a student to adopt a positive mindset and learning mindset with the decision to be a constant learner which helps them to achieve their goals. Effective planning makes the tutors and tutees work effectively for a better future.


Nowadays a world without education and knowledge is nothing, it is not possible to get success in life without inculcating the knowledge and having the proper information or even keeping up with the fast-paced life that goes around and no one notices. It is not just enough to have knowledge or understanding of a particular subject to succeed. It is important for a student to have knowledge from different sectors as well. Having knowledge from various aspects of subjects helps the child to grow and involve more. Inculcating knowledge and understanding the subject is very important. It is also important to have knowledge and understanding of a concept and know about it and how to use it effectively to succeed and learn more. One should have information and knowledge about various other aspects of a subject that is chosen by him or her.


Shared knowledge is the best, the world needs people who share their knowledge and allow others to communicate and learn through the process. Sharing knowledge is important for learning, understanding, and communicating with each other. When people or tutors and tutees discuss a certain topic or concept with classmates, friends or relatives they have certain knowledge and understanding about it, they help others and themselves to grow with them. So through proper channels of communication, tutors and tutees get new ideas, facts, and information that helps to gain knowledge. People can always identify what they are learning or the things that they are learning is enough for them so that they can improve it.


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