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The Impact of Covid-19 on Education System - Skiedo
The Impact of Covid-19 on Education System - Skiedo

The Covid -19 is a blessing in disguise.

A nightmare, No one ever dreamt of such a life where world's population is under some form of lockdown, businesses shut, mental and physical stress and students never dreamt of such a long vacation. Thousands of doubts and questions, people are skeptical as to when all this stop and they get back to their normal life. This pandemic has adversely affected the education system in the world. Students of all age groupsand gender struggled to take online classes.Teachers were in delimma as to how to cope with this situtaion. Academic activities has taken a back seat, delayed and dropped examinations left students confusedas to which career path to choose.The transformational shift of education from convential teaching to digital platform was difficult as no one was ready.But still students, teachers and parents collaboratively managing effectively. This situation demands for updated infrastructure and knowledge as to how to face these events in future also. The pandemic has raised the need of adopting innovative ways of getting education at all the levels.

stay home ....stay safe...

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Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health - Skiedo
Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health - Skiedo

Healthy Mind Healthy Body.....

Surprisingly Unexpected alarm (Covid) has forced everyone to stay indoors, No more outings.

How to stay Happy?

How to Keep your mental health Fresh?


1. Practise Yoga

2. Learn a New Language

3. Do Art and Craft

4. Spend time with family- play ludo, carom etc

5.Life skill- cooking is better

6. Learn about a new culture

7. Make Books your Best Friend.


9.Writing stories a good idea.

10. A dopt a pet




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Mental health is simply and basically keeping our brain and mind healthy. There is a lot of stigmatization around mental health and related mental health issues in our country. People are generally and mostly more focused on keeping the physical aspects of their body healthy rather than focusing on both mind and body, mind is also an equally important and beneficial part of a human body. Most of the time people tend to ignore the wellness and fitness of their own mind but just focus on the physical aspects. A person is solely responsible for his or her own mental health. It is important for everyone to focus on their mental health like what thoughts are they having? Are they behaving differently? Are they issues with themselves? and so on. A person’s superiority and focus should always be his or her own mind which helps the person to work and perform. Many times people are not aware of the issues they are having with themselves and end up getting more frustrated and getting more issues. To keep a healthy body it is important for a person to have a healthy mind.

Mental issues and illnesses are what sometimes keep the students back and push them down. The stigma surrounding mental health issues and illness are the challenges that everyone must face together. Because it is important to face these stigmas headstrong otherwise the cultural issues and backward thinking will take down the future of the country. Many communities, many people, many families struggle with the stigmas more than the issues that they are facing. It is important for all to seek mental health treatment and get them diagnosed. An emotionally fit and stable person performs and works much better in any situation than the other who is facing issues. A mentally healthy person always feels vibrant and gets truly alive, works effectively, and manages emotionally and mentally draining difficult situations more easily. To be mentally and emotionally strong a person has to be physically fit and prepared too. People will always face emotional factors that will always have a significant and major effect on their mental fitness level like anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, aggression, negative thinking, frustration, agitation, and fear, etc. A physically and mentally healthy and fit person is always or most of the time in a good mood and copes up with situations of stress or anxiety or distress and depressions very easily.


Good health is a combination of good mental, physical and social conditions with the absence of diseases in their body. Mental health is simply or basically defined as a condition in which a person knows his or her abilities, what he or she is capable of, how the student or a person copes up with normal stress in day to day life, how he or she works productively, effectively and successfully, and what are the contributions made by him or her to the society.

The mental health issues and problems of students are very big and important. Many people consider mental health issues as fake and neglect to work on them. But majorly a student’s mental health has not received proper and adequate attention which should be provided to him or her so that they can be solved. Because of that, the result of mental health issues in students and mental health problems in students is not detected. The issues and problems are not treated due to which they become toxic, chronic, and stressful which leads the students to increase their morbidity and mortality.

Moreover due to not recognizing the mental health issues among students the suicide and mental crisis-related issues are skyrocketing. Among students, mental health also affects academic achievement which leads to more stress in a student’s life. The biggest disadvantage for a student or a child is the loss of effective planning, existing investments in education or activities, and losing productive days which can be fun and useful. Entering the sessions, classes, or lecture period sometimes becomes difficult and exhausting for some students. Many times students are over-pressured and have busy class schedules, difficult social environments, new and different environmental situations and many students are there who choose to study while working as well which burdens the students. Several studies and researches say that students today are very susceptible and vulnerable to mental disorders due to the overstress and pressure in their life.

Here are some of the mental disorders and issues that are faced and felt by students on a daily basis. These issues affect the students on a daily basis :


According to research by the American Psychological Association, the cases of mental disorders in college students performed by them have increased by 10 percent in the last 10 years. Depression can be caused in the human body by various things. There are many things that make students depressed. One of the major issues is that there is a lack of management in a student’s lecture time and playing or fun time due to which the students are not able to do both works properly. Not only that, there are many issues in a student’s life like competitive exams, college management, future procrastination, etc. The more open competitions and population and fewer chances during college and day-to-day life made students feel less confident and uncertain about their own abilities. The students are often compared to their peers which makes a child more stressed due to the competition present around him or her. Due to the stigmas as well the students are not able to talk to someone who can guide and help the child to feel less depressed and show them the path.


Studying, assignments, work pressure, competitions, and doing co-curricular activities keep students up late at night and work more. This habit and overpressure create a negative impact on a student’s health, especially on the cognitive function of the brain due to lack of stress relief and rest time. Students work nonstop sometimes for vivas or assignments or exams or activities. All these things keep the students busy and lack them in their own personal life. Lack of sleep or rest makes a person or student's brain feel very tired and sometimes lethargic as well, making it difficult for the student to focus or concentrate and think and perform well on the task given to them. There are many recommendations that are provided to a student by many people but some are effective. Less stress and balanced life is the only thing in the end that helps a child with insomnia. Anxiety, over-thinking, procrastination are other factors for insomnia.

Excessive Anxiety

Feeling anxious and having stress is normal but excessive anxiety and disorders which the students are not able to control lead to difficulty. Many students and children breakdowns due to extreme anxiousness or stress. However whenever a student feels anxious at any activity that they do there are chances most of the time that they are having a mental breakdown which they are not aware of. Treating anxiety is a very important aspect of an individual’s life because excessive anxiety or stress or pressure or anxiety disorders interferes with the student's daily activities and makes them unable to practice their day-to-day activities as usual. In fact, anxiety disorders and stress moreover anxiety attacks, and panic attacks cannot be underestimated because they cause physical distress and issues and increase the risk of heart disease. There are several things and topics that trigger anxiety and panic in students such as academic pressure, exam pressure, family and peer pressure, and social life.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders and anorexia are the most common and frequent causes of mental health disorders among students, due to anxiety or stress many students are not able to eat which leads them to have eating disorders and physical health issues. When the disorder gets worse and a student or his or her parents realizes it is an eating disorder it gets very late. Mental health causes several issues and a student must notice a change in their diet then they should get themselves checked for an eating disorder. Students get anxious and do not eat but the issue needs to be resolved. They need to visit the professional so that they can get the help that they need and get into better health.

These are some of the basic and major issues that are faced by a student when they are having mental health issues. There are some of the things which parents or people together as a society can do for the betterment of the students in need and their future. These steps taken by people will not only help the upcoming children but also help the further generations which need a healthy and positive atmosphere around themselves for a better and healthy future.

Removing the Stigmas

Removing the stigmas that surround mental health issues is one of the major steps that need to be taken by the people as a society so that they can be better. By removing the stigmas the students and individuals will start talking and taking out the issues that they are facing rather than keeping it to themselves and solving half of the problems like that only. Talking and expressing about the issues that the students surround themselves with will educate the people to grow and work more effectively which will lead the society to be more acceptable and supportive towards the students rather than just backlashing and pressurizing them.

Seeking help from professionals

There is no issue and no problem in taking help from a professional if a student is feeling low or wants to talk about his or her problems confidentially. Professional counselors or therapists help the students to talk and solve their issues by providing them insight rather than treating their issues like the plague. In today’s world, people get treatment for the smallest issues they face with their bodies but they are shamed when they seek help for their mental health which is shameful and ironical. Seeking help from a professional is nothing bad and helps the child or a student to gain some insight and solve the issues that they face by talking therapy. Society needs to normalize mental health issues for a better and brighter future.

Be supportive

Parents and tutors need to be supportive of their students and children. Rather than pushing the child and forcing them towards studies, they should encourage the child where their own interests and mind is. When a person or a student works where their mind or focus they tend to enjoy and perform better in it. By being supportive the student does not feel scared and anxious that there is no one to support or stand by him or her, children at a young age are not that strong and get easily scared and get anxious and scared due to which they sometimes get depressed and lonely. It is very difficult to be a lone wolf. It takes lots of courage and strength from inside to pull them up and stand stronger and braver. When children have the support of their parents or their guardian they work more efficiently and effectively. Rather than pressurizing the child to be a lawyer or an engineer or an astronaut or a CA parent should figure out what is the interest of the child and focus on their interests.

We all know that being mentally, physically, and emotionally fit is the major key to success and happiness in all aspects of life. People should be made aware and made conscious of the importance and the consequences of mental health issues and illness. The people, the students, the society must give utmost importance and preference to keep the mind healthy, strong, and fit like the way people try and achieve to keep the physical body. Mental, emotional, and physical health cannot be separated from each other. It goes hand in hand if any of it gets affected every aspect suffers. The importance of mental health should always be considered by the human body.





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