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                                                                                   What to write?
When you are a new writer this question always arises in your mind. Sometimes you are confused to select a title, sometimes you don't have content and if you have all these then you are confused as how to put it or place it rightly.
                                                   If you will ask someone in this technocrat World about this, maximum will suggest"just Google it"and if you will go with the suggestion then you will put yourself in a lot of difficulties like what to search to what to select and googling will also add to your confusion like what kind of content should be selected so as to impress your reader.
                                            So I will suggest you to write on a contemporary topic like in today's world everybody want to know something more on corona and you will find a lot of content regarding this topic on internet as well as you can add your personal experience in it.
                                   So to conclude I would like to say that contemporary writing will make you feel good as well as you will not be confused to find a right content.
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                                                                                   May I help you ?

In this world where everyone is busy with their own work you will rarely find someone who can help you. But the counterfact is that everybody wants someone who can help them and listen to them.In this busy world you need someone who can put an ear to your word or listen to you sincerely even if he can not short out your problems but listening to it makes you feel easy and relaxed.
                                          So what I want to say that you may not have the solution to everyone's problem but talking politely with people and hearing to them sincerely will do a lot of good to them.
                                    I give you an example one Mr Jaiprakash ji lives in my apartment, I met him yesterday in the basement after exchanging warm wishes I asked him about his health and he said he is under treatment for his eyes and was injected in his both eye as his ratina is not well.I must tell you it is very painful. I just wished for a fast recovery and these words added to his satisfaction as without doing anything I made him feel a little better and he said son I did not shared this with anyone in this apartment but I felt easy to share it with you and he went on sharing his yesteryears memories with me as how he joined his first job to where he did part time job to where he is working right now after retirement.
                                              So you can clearly see that only listening carefully to anyone can do a lot of good to them and without doing anything you can make someone relax and cheerful.
                                     But I suggest you not to stop here, if you can help someone more by putting some effort like giving some financial help or putting some physical effort then you must do it and do it for the shake of humanity, to save humanity and always ask someone "May I help you?".

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Inflation means the general level of prices is going up, the opposite of deflation. More money will need to be paid for goods (like a loaf of bread) and services (like getting a haircut at the hairdresser's). Economists measure inflation regularly to know an economy's state. Inflation changes the ratio of money towards goods or services; more money is needed to get the same amount of a good or service, or the same amount of money will get a lower amount of a good or service. Economists defined certain customer baskets to be able to measure inflation. There can be positive and negative effects of inflation.

Reasons for expansion 

At the point when the absolute cash in an economy (the cash supply) increments too quickly, the nature of the cash (the money esteem) frequently diminishes. Market analysts by and large think that the expanded cash supply (financial expansion) causes the cost of products/administrations cost to build (value swelling) over a more extended period. They differ on causes over a more limited period. 

The Demand-Pull Expansion 

The Demand-Pull swelling hypothesis can be said basically "an excess of cash pursuing to a couple of merchandise." at the end of the day if the desire of purchasing products is becoming quicker than the measure of merchandise that has been made, then, at that point costs will go up. This is in all probability occurs in economies that are developing quickly. 

At whatever point an item is purchased or sold past its genuine cost for its value, then, at that point Inflation of cash happens. On the off chance that an organization, for instance, makes a limited quantity of merchandise which are sold over a high amount then it needs to build the costs so it can deal with the item amount. 

Cost-Push expansion 

The Cost-Push swelling hypothesis says that when the expense of making merchandise (which are paid by the organization) go up, they need to make costs higher to make benefit out of selling that item. The greater expenses of creating products can incorporate things like specialists' wages, assessments to be paid to the public authority or greater expenses of crude materials from different nations. 


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Demand and it's kind and determinants
Demand and it's kind and determinants

Concept of demand

The initial step to learn Economics is to know the concept of demand. So demand refers to the willingness of individuals to buy some goods and services. hence the willingness and ability to purchase some goods make the demand effective.

Demand is the amount of goods that people want to buy at a given price. Prices go up when supply is less, and demand is high. it refers to the law of demand whereas price increases, demand decreases, and vice versa showing an indirect relationship between quantity demanded and price. This is known as the law of demand which assumes that the consumer will want more and more. Demand forecasting tries to predict how demand will change in the future.

Kinds of demand:- there is various kind of demand. some of them are given here -

Price demand:-It is a demand for different quantities of goods or services that consumers want to purchase at a given price and time period and consider other factors, such as prices of the related goods, level of income of consumers, and consumer preferences, remain constant.


Income demand:- It is a demand for different quantities of goods or services that consumers want to purchase at different levels of income assuming other factors remain constant.

Cross demand:-It refers to the demand for different quantities of goods or services whose demand depends not only on its own price but also on the price of other related goods or services.

Individual demand:- This classification is based on the number of consumers in the market. In dividual demand refers to the number of goods or services demanded by an individual consumer at a given price at a given time period.

Market demand:-It is the aggregate of individual demands of all the consumers for goods over a period of time at a specific price while other factors are constant.

Determinant of demand:-

Price of product (The higher the market price the more a farmer will supply.)

Substitute goods(The price of goods that are related to a specific good.)

The cost of production inputs (Higher input costs mean higher production costs and vise visa.)

Taste or preference of consumers (Example if skinny jeans become fashionable, the demand increase.)

Consumer expectations (Most often, this refers to whether a consumer believes prices for the product will rise or fall in the future.)



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Supply and its determinants
Supply and its determinants


Production is the process of turning inputs into the output of goods or services. The role of a firm is to organize scarce resources to satisfy consumer demand in a profitable way. Supply is defined as the willingness and ability of firms to produce a given quantity of output in a given period of time, or at a given point in time, and take it to market. Not all output is taken to market, and some output may be stored and released onto the market in the future.

Supply can be measured for a single factor of production, for a single firm, for industry, and for the whole economy.

Determinants of supply:-

  • The price of the product is the starting point in building a model of supply. The supply model assumes that price and quantity supplied are directly related.

  • The availability of factors of production, such as labour or raw materials, can affect the amount that can be produced and supplied. 
  • Changes in cost will alter a firm’s calculation of how much to supply at a given price
  • Changes in the weather can have a considerable impact on the ability to produce certain products, like farm produce and goods. This tends to affect the primary sector more than manufacturing.
  • Taxes on products, such as value added tax (VAT), have a direct effect on supply. 
  • Subsidies are funds given to firms to enable them to increase their supply or to reduce the price of their product to the consumer. 
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Latitude and longitude
Latitude and longitude

The shape of the earth presents some trouble in positioning its surface features, as there is no point of reference from which to measure the relative positions of other points. henceforth, a network of imaginary lines is drawn on a map or a globe to locate various places. The spinning of the earth on its axis from west to the east provides two natural points of reference, i.e. North and South Poles. They form the basis for the geographical grid. A network of horizontal and vertical lines, which are called parallels of latitudes and the meridians of longitudes is drawn for the purpose of fixing the locations of different features.

Level lines are attracted corresponding to one another in the east-west heading. The line drawn halfway between the North Pole and the   South Pole is known as the equator. It is the biggest circle and partitions the globe into equivalent parts. It is additionally called a great circle. All the different equals get more modest in size, with respect to their distance from the equator towards the shafts and separation the earth into two inconsistent parts, additionally alluded to as the little circles. These nonexistent lines running east-west are normally known as the equals of scope.  The upward lines running north-south, join the two poles. They are known as the meridians of longitude. They are separated farthest at the equator and combine at a point at each post.

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International Organizations
International Organizations

An international organization which is also known as an intergovernmental organization is a kind of organization established by an instrument governed by international law or by a treaty and possessing its own international personality.

The World Bank- [1944]

  • It works in every major area of development. it provides a wide array of financial products and technical assistance and majorly helps underdeveloped countries. 

  • India is one of the founder countries of the world bank that prepared the agenda for the Bretton Woods conference in 1944.

  • Headquarters- Wahington D.C 

  • President - David R. Malpass

International Monetary Fund (IMF)- [27th December 1945]

  • its primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system.

  • India is one of the original members of IMF among 189 countries.

  • Headquarters- Washington D.C 

  • Managing Director- Kristalina Georgieva

World Trade Organization (WTO)- [1 January 1995]

  • provides a forum for negotiating agreements aimed at reducing obstacles to international trade and ensuring a level playing field for all.

  • Afganistan became the 164th member on 29 July 2016 and India is also its member.

  • Headquarters- Geneva, Switzerland

  • Director-General - Roberto Azevedo

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)- [17th May 1930]

  • it acts as a bank for central banks by serving them in pursuit of monetary and financial stability, to foster international cooperation.

  • it has 60 members of which India is one of them.

  • Headquarters- Basel, Switzerland.

  • General manager- Agustin Carstens

World Economic Forum ( WEF)- [1971]

  • it tries to shape global, regional, and industry agendas through engaging the foremost political, business, and other leaders of the society.

  • provides a platform for the world's 1000 leading companies to shapes a better future.

  • Headquarters- Cologny, Switzerland.

  • Executive Chairman- Klaus Schwab

The Asian Development Bank - [19 December 1966]

  • As a multinational development finance institution, it provides loans, technical assistance, and grand to help developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of their people.

  • India is a founding member as well as the fourth-largest shareholer.

  • Headquarters- Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Head- Masatsugu Asakawa.

New Development Bank- 

  • During the sixth BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Nations signed the Agreement establishing the New Development Bank in 2014.

  • it provides technical and financial assistance to achieve environmental and social sustainability.

  • Being a founding member of NDB, India has 20 % shareholding and 20% of voting rights.

  • all BRICS nations are members of NDB.

  • Headquarters- Shanghai, China

  • President- Marcos Trayjo.


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One-on-One Tutor Online in India for all Subjects
One-on-One Tutor Online in India for all Subjects


In addition to face-to-face tutoring, Skiedo provides a variety of Online and Virtual tutoring services to families and schools, allowing students the convenience of receiving additional assistance from anywhere, at any time, rather than only during scheduled face-to-face meetings. We provide these services both virtually and online


One On One Instruction Service is dedicated to providing the best level of online tutoring available. Math, English, science, and social studies courses are all available through our comprehensive online curriculum. Direct instruction videos featuring professional on-screen teachers are combined with rigorous assignments and assessments to engage students and ensure subject-area mastery in a variety of subject areas.


Their tutors can create a customized curriculum and provide interactive online Math and English instruction in the comfort of your own home by using the Google Suite platform in conjunction with the award-winning online curriculum, which is available on the website. The flexibility and student-paced approach will enable students to study at their speed, which will suit a variety of different learning styles.

Individualized Tutoring at the Centre

One On One Tutoring Service is licensed by the Skiedo Tutoring centers are overseen by a qualified instructor who supervises a team of tutors who are either college students who have completed a minimum of 60-course credits in the area of education, certified teachers, or professionals who specialize in a particular topic

Why choose One-on-One Skiedo online tutoring?

Skiedo student-centered curriculum

Curriculum Student-centred is customized to assist your kid to meet his academic needs on a monthly/weekly/daily basis.

Virtual one-to-one tutoring

One-on-One Online Tutoring allows instructors to concentrate more closely on the improvement fields of each student and to provide the support they need. Of course, it enables both introverted and extroverted pupils to properly explain their concerns.

Specificity of the expert

One tutor does not fit all in the case of academics. This is the unpredictable reality throughout the Academy. That is why Skiedo provides a specialized tutor for each subject to enable the tutor to devote his undivided attention not only to the student but to teach relevant subjects as best he can.

Homework support

The tutors aid the students individually with the usual work given to them at schools, which helps them to do better than their colleagues. The tutors do not only check that your kid does the job on time, but they also teach him efficient methods to complete his homework.

Their Tutoring Methodology

For One On One Tutoring to determine the student's instructional grade level as well as poor abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics, the student must take an online diagnostic exam.


After the online exam is completed, the results are used to build the student's personalized learning path. The learning path serves as a road map for each student to achieve his or her objectives. It includes interactive courses and high-quality videos that are designed to strengthen poor abilities that were detected during the online exam.

 What it is and how it works

With the thorough diagnostic exams, they can identify learning gaps, which allows One On One Tutoring to create suitable and specialized teaching to close these gaps and lay a strong foundation for students to excel in the classroom.


Students are assessed using a criterion-referenced exam that is based on industry standards. This pre-test enables One On One Tutoring Service, Inc. to create a learning plan, which includes lessons and short quizzes that are linked to classroom teaching and state standards, in conjunction with the results of the exam.


 This learning plan directs the teacher in the direction of the objectives established for the learner. Teacher recommendation forms are also available for classroom instructors to fill out if they so want. The information gathered through this form is utilized in the creation of each student's learning path and is not shared with anyone else.


Tutoring facilities such as One On One Tutoring Service are completely certified by The Educational Enrichment Initiative a non-profit accrediting organization that works entirely and exclusively with supplementary and remedial educational programs, tutoring centers, and testing centers.


 A licensed instructor supervises a team of tutors who are either college students with a minimum of 60-course credits in the area of education or professionals who specialize in a particular topic such as mathematics or science.


In Skiedo, you may learn in a private setting with a single instructor at your own speed and with complete flexibility. No matter what you want to learn, we are here to assist you by just answering a few questions to better understand your needs. Tutors who have been hand-selected and are experts in their area. Make an appointment for a demo lesson, and only when you are satisfied you can continue. You can discuss a particular topic or subject you'd want to learn more about, as well as homework, projects, and project work. Skiedo offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.



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