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How to Become an Online Tutor in 7 Easy Steps
How to Become an Online Tutor in 7 Easy Steps

With technology creeping into almost all aspects of our everyday lives, more people are now taking classes online. The advent of Covid-19 even emphasized the need for virtual classes, and teachers are now harnessing this opportunity to make money from the comforts of their home.

Fortunately, you see yourself as someone with relevant knowledge or skills to do the same. But your problem is, how do you become an online tutor? What are the things you need to do to start teaching online?

The good thing is, you can become an online tutor even when you currently have a regular job.

Whether you’re a teacher or a retired one, a professional in any industry with sought-after skills such as music, or even an undergraduate, becoming an online tutor is an excellent way to make money online simply by sharing knowledge.

This blog post, therefore, discusses the steps you need to take to become an online tutor.


7 Steps to Becoming an Online Tutor

  1. Determine what to offer based on your strengths

Knowing where your strength lies is vital to being optimally impactful to your students. You may be knowledgeable in diverse areas, but you want to choose a subject of which you can deliver to your best capacity. This will help you stand out more among other tutors in that given field.

Pro tip: Having a certification on your chosen subject is often required to build credibility, but it’s not a conclusive determinant. You could become an online tutor even while in school or just newly graduated. To start teaching online, what’s essential is that you have the requisite subject knowledge, some level of experience, a passion for learning and imparting knowledge, and a cordial, professional attitude.


  1. Know your target audience

Perhaps, you’ve chosen to teach math or guitar online. The next step to becoming an online tutor is identifying your potential students and the challenges they face in that subject matter.

So you want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their needs?
  • How do I persuade them to choose me as their teacher amidst the competition?
  • How do I express myself as an expert in this given field?



  1. Choose an online tutoring platform

You may be tempted to create your own website as an online tutor, but it’s far easier to sign up on an online tutoring marketplace like Skiedo.

At Skiedo, you can become an online tutor with or without any certification, as long as your knowledge can be an asset to someone else. Sign up for free, design your course according to your schedule, set your own price, and get paid 100% of the fees due to you.

Interestingly, Skiedo has a live video chat feature in addition to text messaging. With the video chat, you can discuss with your students face-to-face, get a more personable experience, understand their needs, and hold your online classes.

With Skiedo becoming an online tutor is fast and easy, and registration is free! You can register right away and become an online tutor in minutes by login to skiedo.com and following the instructions below:

  • Click on Become a Tutor. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Register.
  • A page will open where you get to type in your name, email, and password. Read Skiedo's Terms & Conditions, Agree, and then click Next.
  • You will then receive a verification email to verify your email ID.
  • Once verified, you can log in back by entering your email ID and password. Then click LOGIN.
  • Now you need to fill in your basic information on the page that opens. Kindly fill in the data at your convenience and to your best knowledge.
  • Click Next and select the subjects you wish to teach. You can choose multiple subjects but are not advised to choose more than three subjects in which you're best versed.
  • Once you're done filling your subjects, complete inputting your information and ensure all fields have been filled. Kindly select your hourly rate as well. Then click Next.
  • Time to personalize your profile. It's always best to use a smiling picture to express friendliness to your students. On creating your profile, click Next.
  • You will then arrive at the Terms & Conditions Page. If you've read it, click Accept,  which then takes you to your tutor profile. Here you will find all your information. You can edit and update at your convenience. Also, include your bank details where you'll receive your payments.
  • Add your 'slots of booking,' which tells students about your availability. Each slot should be an hour each.
  • If the subject you wish to offer is not on the list of subjects, you can 'suggest' a subject by clicking on the left bar of 'teaching subjects'.
  • Once you Register, your profile will appear when students search. When they book the class, you will receive a notification to approve the class. It's best to do so as soon as possible.
  • Once you've accepted the booking, you need to Initiate the Class on your dashboard on 'My Schedule'.
  • Once a class is finished, click Complete the Class.

You can also watch the video on how to become a tutor on Skiedo here.


  1. Get your technical requirements set

As an online tutor, you will conduct your classes on a computer via the Internet. Hence, you need the following technical requirements to ensure you and your students don’t suffer glitches in the middle of an exciting course:

  • A fast and reliable computer: Although you may already have a computer, ensure it has at least a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB of ram for optimal speed. Skiedo works on Windows, Android, and Ios, so you can easily download the app. If you're using a web browser, however, ensure it's up-to-date.
  • High-speed Internet of at least 1 Mbps: You do not want your video conversation cutting off every minute. To know if your Internet connection is up to speed, go to www.speedtest.net.
  • HD Webcam: Being able to hear each other is great, but seeing each other brings that deep human connection that creates a whole new experience. Fortunately, Skiedo comes with a video chat feature. To get an optimal experience, ensure your webcam is HD. If yours is of a lower quality, purchase and install a better one.

The following are not mandatory but can give you a better experience:

  • Microphone: This is most especially important for music classes. However, if you want your students to hear you more efficiently, you'd need to get one if your in-built microphone isn't that great. Plug it into the microphone slot in your computer and set it up just beside the computer, with the mouthpiece close to your face. Blue Microphone Yeti and Rode NTK are some of the best microphones for online classes.
  • Headphones
  • Whiteboards.


  1. Set up your course outline

As an online tutor, your course shouldn’t be bland. Ensure you design your course to be engaging and different from those of your competitors.

Additionally, structure the outline and direction of the lesson based on the subject matter, number of students in the session, and how much you want them to gain during the course. If it would be best to teach students individually, then do so.

Depending on the niche you’re into, you can also create written materials to back up the live video session.

And most importantly, it’s always a great idea to include interactive and gaming sessions to keep your students engaged. This fun environment helps to build a personal connection with them (many students complain of lack of personal connection in virtual learning).

Spice up your online course with quizzes, instructive videos, and other interactive activities. Make your learning more engaging, and users will rush to become your students.


  1. Set your price and payment system

Setting an hourly rate is often a daunting task for online tutors. You may not want to set a price that looks too high, neither do you want to charge something unworthy. One way to go is to browse through other tutors in your chosen field. Notably, online tutors can charge anything between $20 and $100 per hour, depending on the course.

On fixing your price, you should then decide how you wish for students to make payments. PayPal, Google Pay, and Payoneer are some fast, reliable methods.

But Skiedo makes it so much easier. On Skiedo, you can enter your bank details and get your fees straight into your bank account.


  1. Time to have your first class!

You’ve covered virtually all you need to do in your journey to becoming an online tutor. Now for the exciting part: your first class!

You will most likely have some worries and may even feel nervous, but preparation is key!

Have a game plan ready. It’s helpful to write out your introduction and the order of things for that particular session so that you always know what to do or say.

As you have your technical requirements all sorted out, you also need to make sure your students have theirs. Ask questions to know if their system is up to speed and what learning pattern they’re most comfortable with. It’s also a great idea to prepare a written material for your students to go through before the first class.

Putting your students on the same page with you is imperative for success as an online tutor.

If you feel nervous, rehearse with a friend or family member. This can help put you at ease before the actual class.


Pro tip: Be flexible. As an online tutor, you must be flexible. Your students may live in another time zone entirely, so you want to be available when you’re needed.










Now you know the steps to take to become an online tutor and start teaching online. It’s time to take action and start. As you move on, you will find your teaching skills getting sharpened.

Teaching online is an incredible way for you to make extra money doing the things you love. Take charge of this digital learning revolution, and the sky’s your limit.


 Ready to join this revolution? Become an online tutor today by signing up on Skiedo.

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Is Personal Online Tuitions is helpful in Study
Is Personal Online Tuitions is helpful in Study

Personal Online Tuitions has come a long way in enhancing the possibilities for students to score better in exams. However, it is the student along with his/her parents who have experienced the challenges for arranging a Personal Online Tuitions a couple of decades ago. The difficulty of finding a tutor who could assist the child with Personal Online Tuitions is history now and all thanks to the internet. Now Days are too good for young students as well as class 10 students because of the advent of online tutoring sites in India.

Nowadays, you can find a tutor online with a few clicks on your smartphone. Every detail of all the local online tutors would pop-up on your screen with no effort or extra cost. Besides, the ease and comfort that personal online tuitions adds to one’s life, it can also be considered the ultimate safe & easy way of educating a child since he/she won’t even have to leave the house to attend tuition. You can find an online tutor near you as well with the help of phone location, which would be more satisfying for your child. With online tuitions websites active in India, people can count various benefits lying in it.

Skiedo for Finding a Personal Online Tuition

Also, with websites like Skiedo, one can locate a Personal Online Tuition in the surrounding area. For the unknown, Skiedo indeed represents a strong list of a profile of Personal Online Tuitions/Tutors in various fields. Hence, finding an online tuition would be a few clicks away.

Skiedo will help you to find teachers online for all subjects. Be it academic tutoring, mainstream education, online maths tutor, online physics tutor, online biology tutor or others, Skiedo will help you get the best online tutor who can guide you with homework help. With promising service tutoring services, the professionals registered on Skiedo can assist you perfectly with your homework.

During the lockdown period, the tendency of online tuitions has got esteem, as it saves lots of time, energy, and money too. This is one of the best methods of study by sitting at your place. It becomes easier to short out a suitable tutor from the long list of online physics tutors available. If you are not finding an online physics tutor according to your requirement, there are many other ways to get help online. Skiedo is one of the best platform that offer students to seek out the Best Online Tutoring Platform. Skiedo provide Online Maths Tutor, Online Biology Tutor, Online Physics Tutor, One-on-One Online Tutor, Personal Online Tutor, Online Tuition Classes, Online Maths Tuition, Private Online Tutors, Personal Online Tuitions, Best Online Tuition for Class 10, Online Homework Help to excel in their studies.


Benefits of Personal Online Tuitions in India:

There are many reasons why one would agree that online tutoring is better than the traditional education system. One of the critical facts is that you can have better control over your timetable and you can choose to obtain the lesson whenever you want.

The most reliable benefits of online tuitions in India are discussed below:

Convenient For Online Tuition for Class 10

Nowadays require a lot of work due to which pressure arises. Some students of Class 10 are also required to take up online classes in order to boost their skills. Despite being a necessity, the offline tuitions are time-consuming and require a lot of effort. As a result, students are left with very less-time for themselves or for their studies and end up scoring average marks in class 10. In this pandemic scenario, personal online tuitions would help them keep up with the pace of life without sacrificing college-level classes.

Saves Time and Effort

Personal Online tuitions save time and effort of a student. It is a channel of education which is duly for the life of a student. If a student is sent to attend coaching or so, it would consume more time. On the other hand, sitting in your place and getting personal online tuitions services is way easier.

Personal Assistance

There is no denying that some students would want more attention than what they are getting in their school or coaching classes. This is simply because of the low teacher to student ratio in those institutions. It is when the need for a private tutor pops up.

Clear Feedback and Frequent Grading

An online tuition mode is more reliable when it comes to grading and results of the candidates. Since this platform makes online test taking procedure easier for the tutor, he or she can ask the students to appear for the online test anytime. In addition to that, the online mode also simplifies the process by which, test preparation of the candidate becomes easier.

Boost Confidence in Children with the Help of a Personal Online Tuition

The benefits of personal online tuition are unending these days. Students who are little introvert or shy to come up with a problem in front of everyone needs a personal online tuition badly. Also, there are students who are not able to learn things faster. For them, online personal tuitions is the best option.

Besides the above advantages, personal online tuitions are also an excellent way of educating physically challenged students or mentally disabled pupils. Since they find difficult to move or some may have a lack of confidence to face the teacher in person, such students need to put under the special care of a professional.

Getting a Personal online Tuition

Finding a personal online tutor has become more convenient than ever, let’s thank the internet for that. With the help of the phone location, one can find a teacher in nearby areas. All, the student would require to search is the subject teacher they want such as personal online tuition for math, physics, biology, homework help or online tuitions for class 10

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Getting a Private Online Tutors
Getting a Private Online Tutors

Finding an online private tutor has become more convenient than now days, let’s thank the internet for that. With the help of the phone location, one can search an online tutor in nearby areas. All, the student would require to search is the subject tutor they want such as online tutor for math, for online tutor for physics, online tutor for biology, college level teaching and so on.

Skiedo for Finding a Private Online Tutors

Also, with websites like Skiedo, one can locate a tutor online in the surrounding area. For the unknown, Skiedo indeed represents a strong list of a profile of tutors in various fields. Hence, finding an online tutor would be a few clicks away.

Skiedo will help you to find teachers online for all subjects. Be it academic tutoring, mainstream education, online maths tutor, online physics tutor, online biology tutor or others, Skiedo will help you get the best online tutor who can guide you with homework help. With promising service tutoring services, the professionals registered on Skiedo can assist you perfectly with your homework.

During the lockdown period, the tendency of online tuitions has got esteem, as it saves lots of time, energy, and money too. This is one of the best methods of study by sitting at your place. It becomes easier to short out a suitable tutor from the long list of online physics tutors available. If you are not finding an online physics tutor according to your requirement, there are many other ways to get help online. Skiedo is one of the best platform that offer students to seek out the Best Online Tutoring Platform. Skiedo provide Online Maths Tutor, Online Biology Tutor, Online Physics Tutor, One-on-One Online Tutor, Personal Online Tutor, Online Tuition Classes, Online Maths Tuition, Private Online Tutors, Personal Online Tuitions, Best Online Tuition for Class 10, Online Homework Help to excel in their studies.

Social Media Platform for Finding a Private Online Tutors

Everyone is an active user of social media platforms now days. It serves as a great mode for both entertainment and study. In fact, most of the brands and businesses also advertise through social media platforms. With the easiest and most preferred websites, one can rely on social media platforms where students can find several profiles of a tutor in distinct subjects. Many tutors advertise about their tutoring classes on Facebook, Instagram or other social media websites, which makes it easier to find a Private Online Tutors.

Getting a Private Tutor Offline

Talking about the offline modes of finding a private tutor, the best way is to tell people about your requirements. If you need a math tutor, a chemistry tutor or a teacher who can help you in homework, you can ask your relatives, friends, cousins and can also find one in your neighborhood. Upon asking, you can also find your school teacher offering online private tuition at your place. However, before you finally come across someone who can teach you, you will need to check the details, residential and other information about the tutor. You can also find out if they can take online tuition as per your schedule.




Things to Know About Online Private Tuitions

The need for an online private tutor is not something that has emerged in this pandemic. People were mostly dependent on online tutor and tuitions for a long time. While online private tuition helps to build confidence among the students, it was originated out of improper guidance at schools through online classes.

To check the fact, one can easily come across the finding that the teaching conditions through online classes by schools now days are truly not as reliable as it should be due to current pandemic scenario. While some of the students are scoring excellent marks, others are failing in those subjects due to regular classes in schools. This is mainly because most students take online private tuition which helps them to seek a lesson before it is even performed in schools. On the other hand, a weak student fails to even understand what is being taught in online classes.

Now that online private tuition is in trend, tutors are trying to get the maximum benefit out of it. In the dense competition, most of the online tutors are trying to give the best teaching experience to their candidates in order to grow their online tuition business. And online websites seem to give the best assistance to both the tutors and students by making it easier to find tutor online. Many of online tutors have created their profiles on sites like Skiedo in order to be visible while someone searches for a tutor online.

Besides, many online tutors also provide a free online demo class to students so that one can find whether the teaching of a tutor is good to go. On the other hand, the teacher also gets to know about the learning style and ability of a child, which helps them to plan the lesson accordingly. So, without any hesitation, search for your requirements online on Skiedo and see how many profiles of teacher would pop up to your service.


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How to crack competitive exams without coaching


Competitive exams a Boon or Bane? No one knows the answer.

In India on an average basis around 20-30Lakh students appear for competitive exams every single year. But for the one who clears the exam or goes for the next step, the percentage is very low. There are specific reasons for that as well. Because of the exam stress some students take massive steps as well, some face anxiety, stress, low self-esteem issues, and whatnot. People assume and believe the success of the students on the basis of their marks or which competitive exams they clear. The societal pressure, peer pressure, family dilemma ruins the mental health of the child. A student starts facing any exam from the first standard and the cycle does not stop. A certain amount of pressure or stress has been proven beneficial for a student but the pressure a student takes is not helpful for the growth of a child.

JEE, NEET, GATE, UPSC, SSC, JAT, NDA, RRB, etc. the list of competitive exams goes on and on and it will never stop. If the student takes the pressure and does not know how to control it, the loss will always be insufferable. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that in the last 5 years 39,775 students killed themselves. The upsurge in suicide rates or suicide attempt rates has skyrocketed. Many numbers are unreported and people do not know about that. The urgent need of a student to prove themselves in front of society is wrong. Let us take a look at what causes a student to take such drastic steps.

Internal Pressure

Everyone has a different mindset. The amount of stress taken by a student or provided to him is different. A student himself/herself also takes a certain amount of pressure and stress by overthinking and procrastinating. Every student wants to be the best and achieve the seat in his/her desired institute or campus. A student spends too much time thinking and procrastinating and putting themselves into the situation again and again. Due to this, they go through the outcome of the result twice or thrice.

External Pressure

The pressure that is put on a student by the family and the people around him/her cannot be explained. Many students face pressure from the expectations of their family members and their teachers. Each and every student wants to do their best work and achieve the dream so that they do not let anyone and themselves down with their performance. This pressure to do well, the pressure to be the best, the pressure to crack the exam heightens exam stress. Students also aim for different things as well like scholarships and ranks which improve their anxiety levels. The pressure to perform well and be the best is more than the exam itself.


To cover the whole syllabus is difficult, no one knows what the exams questions are or which portion will they cover the most. When students have not prepared properly or the preparation by them is lacking the stress levels and anxiety swoons them like anything. It is important for a student to start preparing from the beginning last-minute studying only increases anxiety and stress. The expectations of parents from their children and therefore pressuring them to perform well in exams are not unseen. Keeping high expectations and pressuring students and children during exams causes anxiety, stress and some students also forget what they studied.

Due to these things students suffer and do not express themselves. The students do not know how to manage stress and how to work towards their goals or competitive exams. Here are some tips on how to deal with stress and how to work for competitive exams.

Working out

Working out and exercising helps the student to reduce the stress level and calms the anxiety. The exams cause the students to have some anxiety and to manage that stress one needs to be physically active. To brighten up one's own persona, a student needs to work both mentally and physically. The pressure of academics needs to be balanced for students' own advantage and they need to go out for a walk, or head to the gym or some games. Working out keeps a student healthy both mentally and physically.


Focus on yourself

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

People do not understand that over-stressing themselves more and putting unnecessary pressure is not helpful. While it is helpful when a student discusses the topics and chapters with fellow students and peers to revise together. But they should not compare other peoples’ revisions to their own. Focusing on your own work and progress helps a child much better and helps in understanding a concept much easier. If a student focuses on his or her own works it gets better and the understanding of the topics only increases.


Seek Therapy

If the anxiety and stress gets to a point in a student’s life where it is overwhelming and starts affecting their day-to-day life activities and commotions, a student should seek professional help. It is considered taboo in Indian society but it will be only helpful when young people start talking about the importance of mental health openly. The lack of importance on mental health and stigmatization of the healthy brain is worrisome. A student should talk to someone who is professional or a family member who is not judgemental.


Time Table

The basics of preparing for a competitive exam is to start by preparing a timetable and rigorously following it. When a student has clarified what he/she is planning to study and what will be helpful in studies the time gets saved. Time table helps a child to differentiate between short-term goals and long-term goals. Planning ahead and making clear steps by visualizing helps the child to keep him or herself motivated throughout the period of time and work towards the goal he or she dreamt of. Time tables help the child to use the divide and rule method in which he or she can divide the topics methodologically and learn and understand them accordingly.


Some students do not even know how to start preparing for their competitive exams. Students seem lost and distracted due to the fact that they do not even know where to start. The importance of syllabus and timetable comes here. Instead of simply ratifying and memorizing the details and not understanding a concept does not help a student in any way. Understanding a concept or topic from the start is important for a student to know how the concept grows or works. Once the concept is clear it helps the students to remember other related topics and a better understanding of the subject.

Studying effectively

If a student just goes over the text and does not read it thoroughly without understanding it, then it is just a waste of time. The clarity of a concept is important in any competitive exam. Studying for long long hours is not useful. Studying effectively and efficiently is the goal, if a student studies for a long hour but does not work on understanding and clarifying the concept it is all in vain. The student needs to make sure he or she is understanding and learning when studying.


Evaluating and giving mock tests is a must for any competitive exam. Evaluating oneself from time to time is a crucial and most important aspect of competitive exams. When a student gives a mock test or has evaluated himself earlier he or she knows where they are lacking and where they need to work more. Evaluation helps the child to understand the pros and cons of his or her own preparations so that they can do better. Practicing previous year sample papers and mock papers is really helpful and helps the child to understand the pattern of the paper. Mock tests give students an idea about the exam pattern and force them to focus and practice within the given time frame so that they can also manage their time effectively and efficiently. Solving and evaluating sample test papers, mock tests also improve the student's speed and time management skills. While one of the major aspects of evaluation is also motivation from students from their teachers, their seniors, their family members, and whatnot. Motivation helps to inspire the student to attain goals and achieve their desired aims.

Understanding the exam

The first step for any desiring or aspiring student is to understand the competitive exam and its own competition for which the student is applying. Each and every competitive exam is different from the others. The concept, the workings, the patterns, everything is different. It is very important to read the guidelines and process the guidelines carefully before applying for any competitive exam. The student needs to know everything about the competitive exam and the most important element in preparation for the competitive exam is concentration. If the student concentrates and focuses on the learning process with proper planning and routine then solving the paper, cracking the exam becomes very easy. It is important for a student to cultivate the habit of concentration, focus, and fewer distractions during the preparation as any little distraction or disruption can bring negative results in the competitive exams. Concentration helps the student in remembering things, concepts, understanding the topics much faster, easier, and retaining the information for long periods of time without much issue. Sometimes the student does not realize how much time and effort they are putting and how much time and effort is required for the topic that is difficult to understand and analyze for the learning process. In many cases, the students are not able to identify their weaknesses and strengths in the topics they are working on, they should ask their tutors or work more on the topic. Preparing the notes is another important aspect for all the syllabus because re-reading the whole syllabus can be time-consuming. But taking down notes and writing them while learning and reading help the students in remembering information and clutters the information to understand easily. When the students are preparing notes they need to make sure and remember the fact that the information they depict or write in the form of notes is not wrong and in a proper manner. The students need to connect the information and learn effectively so that they can practice and retain the information for a longer period.

 Online resources

Students sometimes find it difficult to find all the resources and work effectively. Sometimes all the resources and books cannot be available at that time online resources come for the help of the students. Students find it difficult sometimes to access and avail the information from the textbooks due to unavailability and lack of information. In many cases, the students refer to online information from tuition notes, authentic educational websites, blogs, articles, e-books, research papers, etc. Teachers or mentors also help in finding the correct sources for accessing the necessary information. When the students have the necessary information from relevant sources they spend way less time searching for information and focus more on their preparation for the competitive exams. The student needs to be less confused about the time and peek of the exam. The fewer resources the better. Quality and good information are required when the student is studying for any competitive exam.

These are some of the tips and tricks for competitive exams. The need for the student to achieve is higher and the will of any student should not be crushed.

 “Education is one thing no one can take away from you.” —Elin Nordegren




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How to create effective lesson plans for students? How to make sessions more interesting for students? How to create and make lessons fun for students to learn? How can a tutor enhance students' learning skills? So many questions but no apt answers. Effective and enhanced learning is what is required these days for the development of children. Effective learning does not only focus on the children’s learning power but also on the growth of children’s personal development. Copying techniques or parroting the information is not useful these days. Due to the increase in technologies and increase in the types of learning and knowledge, it helps the child to grow. Effective learning and effective lesson plans help the students to improve their interpersonal skills, languages, knowledge, emotional intelligence, etc.

Making sessions interactive and fun is very important these days for online tutors. Lack of concentration, distractions, and social media distracts the child in one minute and all hard work goes in vain. The importance of focus and concentration can be seen nowadays. To improve the learning and adapting ability of students many tutors are planning and adapting effective lesson plans for the overall growth of the children. An effective lesson plan or efficient planners helps the student to think and allows them to learn, enhance, interact and ask questions. Effective lessons tap the students to boost their background and basic knowledge and build new skills for a better future. This write-up offers practical and useful tips for planning effective and engaging lesson plans that will help every student retain, adapt, and understand more of what they learn.

Effective lesson plans are content and knowledge-driven, it involves modern techniques and methods, it breaks down things in a simpler way so that the students learn easily. Education and knowledge is a basic understanding of a concept or awareness of the facts, concept, experience etc. Today’s education system is not that good for the upliftment of children's education. It does not work on the development of the growth of a child's personality, overall knowledge and lacks in many aspects. Effective lesson plans help the tutor to make each of these things easier.

Here are some things to keep in mind to make effective lesson plans for the students.


The main motto or purpose of making effective lesson plans for students by their tutors was to prepare the child for a better and brighter future. The students do not know what their field of expertise or what their prominent area of study would be. The lesson plans should be built in a way that covers every area of the student’s life. Effective lesson plans should cover the learning aspect as well as the co-curricular and skills aspect of the children's life. The lesson helps the children to work and perform in a certain manner due to which they maintain discipline and decorum. The lesson plans help the tutor to have the planned layout on which they can perform. Tutors take out the time and make a plan beforehand so that it can help the student to prepare them for the exams and the classes they have. Making a schedule or planning beforehand or even having the schedules helps the tutor as well as a student to balance their time more effectively and work more effectively rather than being lethargic.


When the lesson plans are made they are not discussed often with the students. Due to which many students are not comfortable or cannot follow the plan due to other priorities. Openly discussing and talking about lesson plans and effective strategies for the benefit of the students should be implemented. When the questions or new suggestions are given or provided by students they are not taken in a positive way. There should always be a safe space where the student can always speak what is going on in their mind and what they want from the tutors and vice versa. When the tutors and students both know the expectations and limitations of each other it gets easier for both of them to work together more effectively and efficiently. Acquiring education or knowledge involves cognitive processes for students, better communication, positive and open perception, and irresistible logic. It is also known that it is in nature or it is the human capacity to recognize, adapt, understand and accept the truth. Education and knowledge both can be used for positive as well as negative purposes; it is the duty of a tutor or a mentor to recognize and help the student to think rationally. The classroom should always be an open space for the students where they can put their ideas, mindsets, thinking openly without the fear of judgment or without any backlash.


Active and efficient learning helps the students and children of any age from K to 12 to maintain their focus on the task in hand or provided or the activity they are doing for much longer necessary periods of time. Students should not sit back and listen to the teacher speak and just always absorb the concepts that are provided to them, rather than that the children should actively involve themselves in activities, whether the activities are painting, writing, performing, crafting, or speaking. The possibilities are in-numerous and vast when it comes to active, efficient, and effective learning. Effective and active learning teaches them to be persistent and face the challenges headstrong, and try different approaches until one they figure out the things on their own. It helps the students and allows them to feel proud of their efforts and the achievements they have made so far, because of that they take pride in the process of learning and understanding, rather than just waiting and aiming for the final outcome. These things help the students and allows them to think out of the box rather than just focusing on the thing in a particular way they allow themselves to agree upon the idea of different various priorities.


The lesson plans and sessions are conducted but the reflection of those sessions or those plans are barely seen or considered. It is important for both the tutor as well as the tutee to reflect on the lesson that they have learned. After any lesson or after the sessions of a whole concept, there should always be a time when the tutor and tutee come together to summarize and learn what worked for them and what didn't. By listening a sense of understanding comes in a child of a concept, students and tutors both know when they have met their goals and determine what issues they need to work on and on what topics they need to let go. When the students and tutors work on the sessions they have taken together they get a basic idea and know-how they need to work together which will help them grow unconditionally.


It is important for tutors to make relevant lesson plans rather than just scribbling down the plans which are of no use. Tutors need to make sure that the students know why the lessons are relevant and important; they need to figure out why the sessions are being taken or what is the motto behind the session. Problems or issues and hindrances faced in life by students or tutors or anyone can be solved with the willpower, mental strength and knowledge. There is no doubt that knowledge sharpens the skills of the individuals. A strong base and proper understanding of the concept or knowledge helps the brain to function more efficiently, smoothly and effectively. Students become smarter and efficient learners with the knowledge and solve problems more easily and effectively. While implying the sessions and lesson plans the tutors need to ensure the children have uninterrupted time to play, have fun and explore throughout the day or the time that has been provided to them. Adult supervision is also relevant and important, but children should always be able to explore their own ideas and have their fun and explore the resources as it is crucial for them.


While planning the lessons and taking the sessions the tutors need to make sure that they are involving the things that make children happy. When the children learn with a free mind and happily they learn quickly and it gets easy for them to remember things. The topics and concepts get easier to remember when they relate the ideas and remember what they did in the classes and session. The tutors can relatively see the change in the students when they are having fun and learning. Effective lesson plans and activities help the tutors work more effectively but fun activities and assignments help the students to learn more easily and help them to remember it.


As everyone knows that an online tutoring platform or online tuitions are very different from what the children and students are used to. So in order to make children learn more, interact more, and engage more, the tutors are required to make their sessions interactive in which they can interact with the tutors and ask what they want from the tutors. Interesting and interactive lesson plans help the tutors to grow and ask more questions without hesitations. A successful virtual tutor makes the topics interesting and easy to begin with so that the student is able to learn and understand it easily. By making session’s interactive and fun, students engage better with the tutor. Students love interactive sessions with engaging activities. The sessions help the child to focus and interact more. But the tutors must not get frustrated or angry when the students are not responding well, he or she must change the way of teaching by which the two-way process gets easier.


When the lesson plans are made it should be kept in mind that the lesson plans are made for the benefit of the child, not anyone else. Knowledge can last for a lifetime. Knowledge impacts the growth of the children which influences each and everything in their life. The personal development of the students also depends on what knowledge they are getting from the tutors and what things they receive in the name of knowledge. Knowledge is important for the personal, professional, and life growth of children. A student can gain knowledge from anything or everything that they find interesting and fun like any games, social media, dance form, art, architecture, history, or books. These things depict the growth of a person’s personal development. It makes the students wise enough to independently and strongly make decisions and take a stand for themselves in life. It is important for a student to adopt a positive mindset and learning mindset with the decision to be a constant learner which helps them to achieve their goals. Effective planning makes the tutors and tutees work effectively for a better future.


Nowadays a world without education and knowledge is nothing, it is not possible to get success in life without inculcating the knowledge and having the proper information or even keeping up with the fast-paced life that goes around and no one notices. It is not just enough to have knowledge or understanding of a particular subject to succeed. It is important for a student to have knowledge from different sectors as well. Having knowledge from various aspects of subjects helps the child to grow and involve more. Inculcating knowledge and understanding the subject is very important. It is also important to have knowledge and understanding of a concept and know about it and how to use it effectively to succeed and learn more. One should have information and knowledge about various other aspects of a subject that is chosen by him or her.


Shared knowledge is the best, the world needs people who share their knowledge and allow others to communicate and learn through the process. Sharing knowledge is important for learning, understanding, and communicating with each other. When people or tutors and tutees discuss a certain topic or concept with classmates, friends or relatives they have certain knowledge and understanding about it, they help others and themselves to grow with them. So through proper channels of communication, tutors and tutees get new ideas, facts, and information that helps to gain knowledge. People can always identify what they are learning or the things that they are learning is enough for them so that they can improve it.


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When we hear about women's education we often get confused. Why is it important, why is there the need to educate the women of our society? What is the importance of women's education? What will be the profit by educating our women?

People often confuse education with knowledge. Education is basically and simply defined as learning, studying, and receiving systematic knowledge by enhancing skills, morals, values, etc. Education is a fundamental human right and education is necessary for all. When we do not educate the women of our society we pull our country towards poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, social stigmas, and many social issues that surround us. 


Female education was always and will be always a sensitive topic for all. Inequalities and issues in women’s education for every girl are complex causing disparities, prohibitions, and violence against women throughout the world. Everywhere women’s education is critical for a country’s economy as well as overall development. A well-educated woman is a necessity of society; it provides the skills, knowledge, and self-assurance necessary to be a better person, a better citizen, and a better human. A woman is not just only built for being a mom or a caretaker. A well-educated and knowledgeable woman is a threat to all as she will know her importance and her worth. A woman will also be a more productive, more effective, and well-paid worker at work. Indeed, the return on investment and well empowerment in education or any skill is often higher for women in every single field.

Let us have a look at why is it important for us to educate our women:


Fundamental Right

Education is a fundamental right for everyone. Every single person is entitled to have basic and necessary education for their benefit. When a basic right such as having a proper education is considered in society it involves every human including men, women, transgenders, etc. Women should not be excluded from exercising their human rights. Having illiterate women in the 21st century is a great loss and a shame to us as a cultured and diverse society. Education is not a privilege it is a right that is important and necessary for all whether the person is rich or poor. The government has so many schemes to provide education to our women and help them be better and more responsible human beings.


Reduces Violence

Domestic violence is one of the major societal issues that the world faces. Violence against women in any form is a crime whether it is emotional violence, mental harassment, physical harassment, or domestic violence. When we educate the women to be independent and not be dependent on any other person we evolve them to be better humans and be better people for themselves to not face such violence in silence. Often women silence themselves and face domestic or any kind of violence in silence due to the lack of knowledge and lack of financial stability. Education helps a person to stand on their feet and be an independent person which helps in boosting the development of women in our society as a whole. Education reduces violence as it makes women aware of their rights.


Increase in Literacy Rate

When we look at our illiteracy rate we often find a high number of women who are illiterate and do not even take steps in the direction of having education for themselves. Nearly 63% of the world's 163 million youngsters are women which are showing in itself the need for education. There are many benefits when a person gets educated like self-awareness, which helps in reducing patriarchy, reduces violence, knowing basic fundamental rights, etc. Moreover, by providing education to all, the boost in the country’s development will be higher than ever. Imagine a country where only 50% of the people are literate and are working and then Imagine another country where 100% of the people are literate and are working. The development and growth will be very different and varied.


Women Empowerment

Education is a necessity and when we provide education to our women we help them make their own decisions, help them in their personal development and help in the social development of society. There is no tool or no shortcut for the development of women without educating and empowering them. The condition of women in our society is getting better but the need to work more and help the women in rural as well as urban areas helps them to not suffer and speak for themselves. A progressive nation helps women to get empowered and empowers them to make their own decisions. Women in our society do not need anybody but themselves with a pen, a book, and proper education. As it is said, give women a chance and they will change the world into a better place.


Poverty Reduction

Women's education and empowerment is not only a gender cause but also a social cause that helps the country to overpower the issues like poverty and human trafficking. When our women have equal fundamental rights, basic education, and access to all the knowledge available for them to grasp, they help their children, their home, and their gender and encourage them to develop. Women help society by earning and bringing the income home and feeding the people who are dependent on them. Women empowerment reduces poverty, hunger, human trafficking, and what not?


Reduces Infant Mortality

Infant mortality is the death of children younger than the age of 1. The surveys and research shows that uneducated women or women who do not know about themselves and their rights suffer from early child deaths. The country has to take several measures and the right steps in the direction to reduce the infant mortality rate. Women need to be educated and then the decision needs to be on women who are willing or not.


Increases Role in Politics

Since past women are not considered potential voters or even considered as role models to be a politician. There are very few women in our society who have surpassed all the differences which society throws at them and work towards their goals. Women are often considered and represented less as leaders or as voters or worse even as political representatives. To bridge the gap and to reduce the gap between society and women we collectively have to work hard towards education, empowerment, providing aid and help to those in need. Education and training help in boosting confidence and building leadership to lead people to a better world.



Feminism is just basic equal rights to all. People often get offended and thrash people who say they are feminists. Feminism is simply an outlet for turning gender equality concerns into cultural changes and support to all. Feminism gives a way to women to empower women and treat them all equally on every basis whether it is financially as well. When both men and women are given an equal platform to flourish and grow together the society grows. The deep-rooted cultural stigmas will not be removed overnight neither it can be nor it will be. The only thing to develop and grow in the time of need is to work and remove all the hindrances that come in your way.


Prospered Community

Gender equality is a fundamental and a human right. Without gender equality, a community can not be proper, where the women and men are treated unequally the growth can not be seen. Discrimination, inequality, Gender biases, and patriarchy begin at a root level, and to remove that deep cleaning is needed. A place where the woman is a goddess but the necessities of women is considered bad is full of irony. The superior complex and seed of business start from an early age when a boy is sent to school but the girl is asked to sit at home and do the chores. Through education the gender gap reduces and equality among all is boosted.


Economic growth

Women’s education is not only beneficial for their gender but also a huge factor for the country’s growth and development. It is all interlinked in the end when we see that women's education leads to reducing poverty, employment, and nourishment of ideas, growth in every sector, reduction in illiteracy, self-development, less dependency, etc. The growth that an educated and well employed brings with herself is far more than any other person. Innovative ideas, economic growth, financial freedom, improving mental health, child survival, and a great income potential help the country to boost and head in the right direction.


Many factors are important and why women’s education is important. The steps need to be taken for the benefit of the women in our society. Every single woman must stand and fight for themselves, their rights, their values, etc.


"We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women's voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored."

Sheryl Sandberg


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