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The Impact of Covid-19 on Education System - Skiedo
The Impact of Covid-19 on Education System - Skiedo

The Covid -19 is a blessing in disguise.

A nightmare, No one ever dreamt of such a life where world's population is under some form of lockdown, businesses shut, mental and physical stress and students never dreamt of such a long vacation. Thousands of doubts and questions, people are skeptical as to when all this stop and they get back to their normal life. This pandemic has adversely affected the education system in the world. Students of all age groupsand gender struggled to take online classes.Teachers were in delimma as to how to cope with this situtaion. Academic activities has taken a back seat, delayed and dropped examinations left students confusedas to which career path to choose.The transformational shift of education from convential teaching to digital platform was difficult as no one was ready.But still students, teachers and parents collaboratively managing effectively. This situation demands for updated infrastructure and knowledge as to how to face these events in future also. The pandemic has raised the need of adopting innovative ways of getting education at all the levels.

stay home ....stay safe...

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Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health - Skiedo
Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health - Skiedo

Healthy Mind Healthy Body.....

Surprisingly Unexpected alarm (Covid) has forced everyone to stay indoors, No more outings.

How to stay Happy?

How to Keep your mental health Fresh?


1. Practise Yoga

2. Learn a New Language

3. Do Art and Craft

4. Spend time with family- play ludo, carom etc

5.Life skill- cooking is better

6. Learn about a new culture

7. Make Books your Best Friend.


9.Writing stories a good idea.

10. A dopt a pet




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How to Become an Online Tutor in 7 Easy Steps
How to Become an Online Tutor in 7 Easy Steps

With technology creeping into almost all aspects of our everyday lives, more people are now taking classes online. The advent of Covid-19 even emphasized the need for virtual classes, and teachers are now harnessing this opportunity to make money from the comforts of their home.

Fortunately, you see yourself as someone with relevant knowledge or skills to do the same. But your problem is, how do you become an online tutor? What are the things you need to do to start teaching online?

The good thing is, you can become an online tutor even when you currently have a regular job.

Whether you’re a teacher or a retired one, a professional in any industry with sought-after skills such as music, or even an undergraduate, becoming an online tutor is an excellent way to make money online simply by sharing knowledge.

This blog post, therefore, discusses the steps you need to take to become an online tutor.


7 Steps to Becoming an Online Tutor

  1. Determine what to offer based on your strengths

Knowing where your strength lies is vital to being optimally impactful to your students. You may be knowledgeable in diverse areas, but you want to choose a subject of which you can deliver to your best capacity. This will help you stand out more among other tutors in that given field.

Pro tip: Having a certification on your chosen subject is often required to build credibility, but it’s not a conclusive determinant. You could become an online tutor even while in school or just newly graduated. To start teaching online, what’s essential is that you have the requisite subject knowledge, some level of experience, a passion for learning and imparting knowledge, and a cordial, professional attitude.


  1. Know your target audience

Perhaps, you’ve chosen to teach math or guitar online. The next step to becoming an online tutor is identifying your potential students and the challenges they face in that subject matter.

So you want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their needs?
  • How do I persuade them to choose me as their teacher amidst the competition?
  • How do I express myself as an expert in this given field?



  1. Choose an online tutoring platform

You may be tempted to create your own website as an online tutor, but it’s far easier to sign up on an online tutoring marketplace like Skiedo.

At Skiedo, you can become an online tutor with or without any certification, as long as your knowledge can be an asset to someone else. Sign up for free, design your course according to your schedule, set your own price, and get paid 100% of the fees due to you.

Interestingly, Skiedo has a live video chat feature in addition to text messaging. With the video chat, you can discuss with your students face-to-face, get a more personable experience, understand their needs, and hold your online classes.

With Skiedo becoming an online tutor is fast and easy, and registration is free! You can register right away and become an online tutor in minutes by login to skiedo.com and following the instructions below:

  • Click on Become a Tutor. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Register.
  • A page will open where you get to type in your name, email, and password. Read Skiedo's Terms & Conditions, Agree, and then click Next.
  • You will then receive a verification email to verify your email ID.
  • Once verified, you can log in back by entering your email ID and password. Then click LOGIN.
  • Now you need to fill in your basic information on the page that opens. Kindly fill in the data at your convenience and to your best knowledge.
  • Click Next and select the subjects you wish to teach. You can choose multiple subjects but are not advised to choose more than three subjects in which you're best versed.
  • Once you're done filling your subjects, complete inputting your information and ensure all fields have been filled. Kindly select your hourly rate as well. Then click Next.
  • Time to personalize your profile. It's always best to use a smiling picture to express friendliness to your students. On creating your profile, click Next.
  • You will then arrive at the Terms & Conditions Page. If you've read it, click Accept,  which then takes you to your tutor profile. Here you will find all your information. You can edit and update at your convenience. Also, include your bank details where you'll receive your payments.
  • Add your 'slots of booking,' which tells students about your availability. Each slot should be an hour each.
  • If the subject you wish to offer is not on the list of subjects, you can 'suggest' a subject by clicking on the left bar of 'teaching subjects'.
  • Once you Register, your profile will appear when students search. When they book the class, you will receive a notification to approve the class. It's best to do so as soon as possible.
  • Once you've accepted the booking, you need to Initiate the Class on your dashboard on 'My Schedule'.
  • Once a class is finished, click Complete the Class.

You can also watch the video on how to become a tutor on Skiedo here.


  1. Get your technical requirements set

As an online tutor, you will conduct your classes on a computer via the Internet. Hence, you need the following technical requirements to ensure you and your students don’t suffer glitches in the middle of an exciting course:

  • A fast and reliable computer: Although you may already have a computer, ensure it has at least a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB of ram for optimal speed. Skiedo works on Windows, Android, and Ios, so you can easily download the app. If you're using a web browser, however, ensure it's up-to-date.
  • High-speed Internet of at least 1 Mbps: You do not want your video conversation cutting off every minute. To know if your Internet connection is up to speed, go to www.speedtest.net.
  • HD Webcam: Being able to hear each other is great, but seeing each other brings that deep human connection that creates a whole new experience. Fortunately, Skiedo comes with a video chat feature. To get an optimal experience, ensure your webcam is HD. If yours is of a lower quality, purchase and install a better one.

The following are not mandatory but can give you a better experience:

  • Microphone: This is most especially important for music classes. However, if you want your students to hear you more efficiently, you'd need to get one if your in-built microphone isn't that great. Plug it into the microphone slot in your computer and set it up just beside the computer, with the mouthpiece close to your face. Blue Microphone Yeti and Rode NTK are some of the best microphones for online classes.
  • Headphones
  • Whiteboards.


  1. Set up your course outline

As an online tutor, your course shouldn’t be bland. Ensure you design your course to be engaging and different from those of your competitors.

Additionally, structure the outline and direction of the lesson based on the subject matter, number of students in the session, and how much you want them to gain during the course. If it would be best to teach students individually, then do so.

Depending on the niche you’re into, you can also create written materials to back up the live video session.

And most importantly, it’s always a great idea to include interactive and gaming sessions to keep your students engaged. This fun environment helps to build a personal connection with them (many students complain of lack of personal connection in virtual learning).

Spice up your online course with quizzes, instructive videos, and other interactive activities. Make your learning more engaging, and users will rush to become your students.


  1. Set your price and payment system

Setting an hourly rate is often a daunting task for online tutors. You may not want to set a price that looks too high, neither do you want to charge something unworthy. One way to go is to browse through other tutors in your chosen field. Notably, online tutors can charge anything between $20 and $100 per hour, depending on the course.

On fixing your price, you should then decide how you wish for students to make payments. PayPal, Google Pay, and Payoneer are some fast, reliable methods.

But Skiedo makes it so much easier. On Skiedo, you can enter your bank details and get your fees straight into your bank account.


  1. Time to have your first class!

You’ve covered virtually all you need to do in your journey to becoming an online tutor. Now for the exciting part: your first class!

You will most likely have some worries and may even feel nervous, but preparation is key!

Have a game plan ready. It’s helpful to write out your introduction and the order of things for that particular session so that you always know what to do or say.

As you have your technical requirements all sorted out, you also need to make sure your students have theirs. Ask questions to know if their system is up to speed and what learning pattern they’re most comfortable with. It’s also a great idea to prepare a written material for your students to go through before the first class.

Putting your students on the same page with you is imperative for success as an online tutor.

If you feel nervous, rehearse with a friend or family member. This can help put you at ease before the actual class.


Pro tip: Be flexible. As an online tutor, you must be flexible. Your students may live in another time zone entirely, so you want to be available when you’re needed.










Now you know the steps to take to become an online tutor and start teaching online. It’s time to take action and start. As you move on, you will find your teaching skills getting sharpened.

Teaching online is an incredible way for you to make extra money doing the things you love. Take charge of this digital learning revolution, and the sky’s your limit.


 Ready to join this revolution? Become an online tutor today by signing up on Skiedo.

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How Online Tuition Classes is Safe during this Pandemic?
How Online Tuition Classes is Safe during this Pandemic?

The current outbreak of an epidemic disease named Coronavirus has disrupted the standard regime of people. With schools pack up in numerous states across India, students are left with no option but to take a seat reception.

In such an hour, you as a parent got to confirm your children are safe while their overall development isn’t placed on halt. During a scenario wherein schools are closed as precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, coaching centers aren’t safe either.


Why Public Tuitions are not the right decision at this moment

The Indian government has declared for a pack up of faculties as a security measure to stay the youngsters shielded from the corona-virus disease. But their academic progress may also be affected if they waste this point by sitting idle reception. Here, public tuitions aren’t an option.

In this situation, public tuitions should be totally avoided. Public tuitions are ones wherein, students, from various areas and families come and learn together. Sending your kid to such places at this hour, when the pandemic disease is spreading at an alarming rate, can put your child’s health in danger.

The coronavirus infection doesn't only spread through person-to-person transmission but also can spread via contaminated surfaces. Hence, touching any infected or contaminated surface while getting to coaching centers can cause transmission of the virus.

Reasons Why Online Tuition Classes is Safe:-


  • In this example caused by the coronavirus infection, it's advised to travel until and unless it is essential. And with online classes present to guide your kid in learning the new concepts, practice questions, or doubt clearing, your kid won’t need to exit their homes.


  • Considering those events, attending online classes is that the most feasible option for your kid. Your kid can study from the security of your home, and hence the danger of getting infected will reduce significantly.


  • The novel coronavirus disease is an easy-to-spread pathogen. Hence, most are suggested to require the required precautionary steps in order that they will help in stopping the pandemic outbreak.

Since physical safety is crucial during this epidemic situation of COVID-19, these online classes cater to the parent’s need for keeping their children safe.

Unlike public tuitions or school, your kid here can learn at their pace. they'll learn and understand one topic quickly while battling the second topic. In such cases, online tuitions are available to aid as students can undergo an equivalent topic again and again until they need fully understood the concept.

The above-mentioned points are a couple of instances stating online tuition is safe during an epidemic.

You can help your child make the foremost out of this example as getting this free time is rare. Hence, help your child learn, develop, and progress in their academic pursuits with online tuition.

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Best Online Tuitions for Class 10 | Online Maths Tutor
Best Online Tuitions for Class 10 | Online Maths Tutor

Class 10th is that the biggest milestone within the Journey of studies for the students. One must decide about the career goal of life after Class 10. To know the syllabus and make a foothold over other Classmates, SKIEDO provides the simplest Online Tuitions for Class 10. Get a transparent concept of all subjects especially Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. Math may be a subject where one can score the utmost marks of 100%. This helps to extend the mixture marks in CBSE, IB, IGCSE, US curriculum exams.

Practice more and score the very best. Get the best Online Tutoring Classes for Class 10 from our platform. In SKIEDO All teachers are well experts in math subjects as well as other subjects with a minimum experience of 7 years in teaching. Students also can take homework help to unravel difficult math problems. Important topics covered during the session whole year:

  • Number Systems (Real Numbers)
  • Coordinate Geometry [Lines (In two-dimensions)]
  • Mensuration (Areas Related to Circles, Surface Areas and Volumes,
  • Statistics & Probability (Statistics, Probability )
  • Algebra (Polynomials, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equations and Arithmetic Progressions)
  • Trigonometry (Introduction to Trigonometry, Trigonometric Identities, Heights and Distances: Angle of elevation, Angle of Depression.
  •  Geometry (Triangles, Circles, Constructions)


What are the Benefits of Online Tuitions for Class 10 at ‘SKIEDO’


  1. Flexible Timings
  2. Problem Solving Skills
  3. Doubt Session Free
  4. Practice Worksheets Free
  5. Study notes free
  6. Complete Syllabus Coverage
  7. Systematic Test Evaluation
  8. Thorough Revision
  9. Enhance Reasoning & Proofs
  10. Affordable Costs
  11. Greater self-worth

Get such a lot of advantages at just learning online tuition classes. Learn from expert mentors to realize higher goals in math subjects. Don't struggle more to urge a good score.

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Peculiarity of an honest Physics Tutor
Peculiarity of an honest Physics Tutor

Have you ever wondered who requires a teacher and at what instance? A large number of people have had bad experiences because regrettably, they received tuition from unsophisticated, ineligible, or non-certified teachers. In any case, if you're trying to find the simplest Physics tuition in your science classes, then you ought to hire a knowledgeable physics tutor.

Looking for an honest physics tutor


First and foremost, that specific tutor must have an in-depth knowledge of the topic. The concerned individual should hold a minimum of a university degree in physics, or during a field that falls within the physical sciences.

Professionally certified

In many instances, parents have the habit of requesting a number of high school graduate students within the neighborhood to assist their kids with studies. However, this is often not always the simplest solution. Always confirm that you simply hire someone who is professionally certified to be a physics teacher. This is often so since they need the proper amount of data that's essential and required to supply the essential support required by the scholars.

Able to apply multiple techniques

A qualified and professional physics teacher must be ready to make use of a spread of techniques. He/she should explain the concept to the concerned student thus entirely clearing any real doubts. This is because many students usually find it difficult to grasp physics properly.

A good physics tutor should have the power to spot the matter that the scholar faces with this subject and in what particular topics and slowly help them out. In most instances, students just become overwhelmed with the tough formulas and ideas of physics.

Make learning fun

One of the qualities that one should need to be a successful physic tutor is that they ought to have the power to form learning fun and enjoyable experience for learners. Make students comfortable to ask questions, this manner they're going to be ready to clear whatever doubts that they might be having.

With friendly behavior, an honest tutor can help the kid begin and ask whatever question he has in his mind. This goes an extended way in helping the scholar overcome his fears and obtain the proper knowledge from the expert resulting in overall improvement.

Engage in practical activities

The ability to interact in several sorts of activities with students to draw their attention to the topic should be a serious trait of an honest physics tutor. He should demonstrate how things function, perform some simple experiments to elucidate the theories, and may also take you on each day trip to the physics museum.

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                                                                                   What to write?
When you are a new writer this question always arises in your mind. Sometimes you are confused to select a title, sometimes you don't have content and if you have all these then you are confused as how to put it or place it rightly.
                                                   If you will ask someone in this technocrat World about this, maximum will suggest"just Google it"and if you will go with the suggestion then you will put yourself in a lot of difficulties like what to search to what to select and googling will also add to your confusion like what kind of content should be selected so as to impress your reader.
                                            So I will suggest you to write on a contemporary topic like in today's world everybody want to know something more on corona and you will find a lot of content regarding this topic on internet as well as you can add your personal experience in it.
                                   So to conclude I would like to say that contemporary writing will make you feel good as well as you will not be confused to find a right content.
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                                                                                   May I help you ?

In this world where everyone is busy with their own work you will rarely find someone who can help you. But the counterfact is that everybody wants someone who can help them and listen to them.In this busy world you need someone who can put an ear to your word or listen to you sincerely even if he can not short out your problems but listening to it makes you feel easy and relaxed.
                                          So what I want to say that you may not have the solution to everyone's problem but talking politely with people and hearing to them sincerely will do a lot of good to them.
                                    I give you an example one Mr Jaiprakash ji lives in my apartment, I met him yesterday in the basement after exchanging warm wishes I asked him about his health and he said he is under treatment for his eyes and was injected in his both eye as his ratina is not well.I must tell you it is very painful. I just wished for a fast recovery and these words added to his satisfaction as without doing anything I made him feel a little better and he said son I did not shared this with anyone in this apartment but I felt easy to share it with you and he went on sharing his yesteryears memories with me as how he joined his first job to where he did part time job to where he is working right now after retirement.
                                              So you can clearly see that only listening carefully to anyone can do a lot of good to them and without doing anything you can make someone relax and cheerful.
                                     But I suggest you not to stop here, if you can help someone more by putting some effort like giving some financial help or putting some physical effort then you must do it and do it for the shake of humanity, to save humanity and always ask someone "May I help you?".

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Number system
Number system

What is number system?

Definition: A number system is defined as a writing system for expressing numbers (0,1,2,3,4….), that is, a mathematical notation for representing numbers of a given system (decimal, binary etc.), using digits or other symbols in a consistent manner.


  • There are different number systems. The same sequence of symbols may represent different numbers in different numeral systems.
  • The number the numeral represents is called its value. Not all number systems can represent all numbers that are considered in the modern days; for example, Roman numerals have no zero.


What are the types of number system?

There are multiple numeral systems defined and developed by birth and growth of different civilisations throughout history, for example, roman number system, Arabic numeral system, Egyptian, Hebrew, and many others.

Number system can also be classified by use of positional notation and further categorised by base.






Digital computing, imperial and customary volume



Data transmission, DNA bases and Hilbert curves; Chumashan languages, and Kharosthi numerals


Decimal / Denary

Most widely used by modern civilizations



Base16 encoding; compact notation for binary data; tonal system; ounce and pound


There is multiple other number system but students generally only need to study decimal system and sometimes binary number system.

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Inflation means the general level of prices is going up, the opposite of deflation. More money will need to be paid for goods (like a loaf of bread) and services (like getting a haircut at the hairdresser's). Economists measure inflation regularly to know an economy's state. Inflation changes the ratio of money towards goods or services; more money is needed to get the same amount of a good or service, or the same amount of money will get a lower amount of a good or service. Economists defined certain customer baskets to be able to measure inflation. There can be positive and negative effects of inflation.

Reasons for expansion 

At the point when the absolute cash in an economy (the cash supply) increments too quickly, the nature of the cash (the money esteem) frequently diminishes. Market analysts by and large think that the expanded cash supply (financial expansion) causes the cost of products/administrations cost to build (value swelling) over a more extended period. They differ on causes over a more limited period. 

The Demand-Pull Expansion 

The Demand-Pull swelling hypothesis can be said basically "an excess of cash pursuing to a couple of merchandise." at the end of the day if the desire of purchasing products is becoming quicker than the measure of merchandise that has been made, then, at that point costs will go up. This is in all probability occurs in economies that are developing quickly. 

At whatever point an item is purchased or sold past its genuine cost for its value, then, at that point Inflation of cash happens. On the off chance that an organization, for instance, makes a limited quantity of merchandise which are sold over a high amount then it needs to build the costs so it can deal with the item amount. 

Cost-Push expansion 

The Cost-Push swelling hypothesis says that when the expense of making merchandise (which are paid by the organization) go up, they need to make costs higher to make benefit out of selling that item. The greater expenses of creating products can incorporate things like specialists' wages, assessments to be paid to the public authority or greater expenses of crude materials from different nations. 


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